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For some time

I have wanted to help in some way to gather and put records of Cochise County, AZ, on the internet as I feel strongly about sharing information, records, sources, etc.

While visiting a brother, I noticed he had tossed his old high school yearbooks in the trash, I took them. My siblings and I attended four years and are graduates of Douglas High School, Douglas, AZ. We have 12 yearbooks among us. I decided to scan in the pages and make an index for each yearbook. The dozen yearbooks I have include the years 1943 through 1952, 1959, 1961. Recently, additional yearbooks were loaned to me for this project, they include the years 1972-1975.

Jeannie Rogers has graciously offered to help with this project. She has advised me on how to proceed with the index set up, with the scanning and offered to put this data on the internet. I would not have done this by myself. Jeannie's help is very much appreciated.

A brief of history of Douglas High School. There have been three high schools built in Douglas - one in 1904 and one in 1909. The high school built in 1909 was used until 1949 when a new school was built. The older high school was then used as a junior high school up to the present time.

DHS opened in 1910 and had four graduates in 1912. The first yearbook was named "Voice of the Desert." The name eventually was changed to the "Copper Kettle". The DHS Alumni Association maintains a 3000 name data base of students who have registered as attending Douglas High School from 1920 to the present.

A good percent of the names in the yearbooks were surname only and many instances only the given name. The surname only was put into the index inserting NA - 'not available' for given name. Given names are not included. The index also lists the roster of teachers, principals, and superintendents of the school system. I have checked and double checked my indexing, but there will probably still be some mistakes. These are entirely my fault and not intentional.

[School history taken from Douglas, AZ - It's First 75 years and a few Before, by Ervin Bond, 1975, page 15 and The Tombstone, Cochise Genealogical Society Summer/Fall 1999, Issue #31.]

Wilola Follett
April 1, 2000